Preparing For Your Akashic Records Consultation in Murrieta, CA

Seven Mystic Rings invites clients to receive an Akashic Records consultation. In Murrieta, CA, Virginia Earl gives readings in person, via Skype or Facebook Messenger to clients worldwide. Known by many names to the various cultures of the ancient world, The Akashic Records can be understood as the complete record of every soul’s past, present, and future.

By accessing the Akashic Records, you receive healing energy and greater self-awareness. These allow you to overcome psychological obstacles and traumas to attain positive growth and improvement.

Akashic Records Consultation Guidelines

In order to receive the mystic properties that these readings allow, please follow the guidelines described below. These guidelines will help clients receive the most out of their experience.

Akashic Records Consultation in Temecula, CA
  • Not every psychic is for every client, and not every client is for every psychic. Please do not base your decision solely on Virginia's clients' Testimonials. Yes, these mean a lot, but Virginia's clients come to see her with an open heart and ready to receive messages from a higher source, from their Akashic Records. It is important that you are mentally and spiritually in the right place, ready to receive the messages. Her clients always tell her that they know right away they want to see her. They don't doubt... They just know, and these are the best sessions and where the magic happens. It's almost like when you go on a date... you know within seconds whether you feel a heart connection with the other person. This is sort of the same idea. Feel free to browse through Virginia's website and if you feel a connection with her, then let's schedule an appointment for you.
  • Please call or text Virginia directly at (951) 551-4566 to confirm availability. Once she verifies her schedule, you may reserve your appointment through the website’s "Booking" feature
  • Please schedule your reservation at least 48 hours in advance. This will allow you enough time to read the material that Virginia will send you via email and to prepare for your session once you agree on a time and date. However, if there's an emergency, she will try to accommodate you sooner.
  • If you're scheduling an appointment for yourself and a friend, please make sure you register each appointment separately with your name and your friend's name individually as well as your own individual email so that Virginia can send you both a separate email with instructions for your sessions.
  • Make sure you enter an email you check regularly when you make your reservation so that Virginia can send you any information via email.
  • Once your appointment is scheduled and payment confirmed, Virginia will send you an email with instructions to help you prepare for your session. Please make sure you read the email in its entirety once you receive it as there is information pertinent to your session.
  • You will be required to complete a Consent Form on the day of your session. If your session is scheduled via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger, Virginia will send you the Consent Form via email prior to the date of your appointment.
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes about the messages you receive during your session.
  • Please write a concise list of questions about your life and that you would like to receive information about during your session. There is no need to send Virginia these questions before your session. Write your questions on paper. Do not write your questions in an iPad or your cell phone as you will not be able to access them during your session. Electronic devices are not allowed during your session. They must be turned off.
  • Your cell phone and your iPad must be turned off completely during your session. This means they cannot be on "Airplane" or on "Mute" mode. They must be completely turned off. This applies for in-person and Zoom and Skype sessions as well.
  • If you decide you would like an online session via Zoom, please make sure that your Zoom account settings are in working order before the day of your session, especially the sound. You might need a head set if you use your cell phone. I prefer you use your laptop if possible. Test your devicies, i.e. laptop or cell phone ahead of time. When I do virtual sessions, I normally use Zoom. Please be prepared so we don't cut into your session time and end up having to reschedule due to technical difficulties. 
  • If you are scheduling two appointments on the same day for yourself and your significant other, i.e. the Bring-A-Friend session, you must both make individual reservations using separate phone numbers and separate email addresses. 
  • To experience the beautiful clearing energy of Akasha, you must be open and receptive to its messages.
  • Each session is different. Do not have any expectations prior to your arrival as this may create obstacles for the unexpected to take place. On the day of your appointment, go with an open heart and mind — do not be in your head (analytical). Let the energy flow and be ready to receive the messages that come through for you.
  • Do not use recreational drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment; prescribed medications are acceptable.
  • Please do not come to your session wearing perfume/cologne or angry as this may create blockages and negatively affect your session.
  • There are no babies or children allowed during an appointment. Sessions are for adults starting at the age of 18 and above.
  • Allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information, and be sure to drink plenty of water afterward as well.
  • If, during the session, you find your allotted time is not enough, you may have the option of extending your session to another hour, provided there is no other appointment scheduled after yours. Or you may return for another session within a week for the same issue. Or within three months, for a different issue.
  • All sessions include saging of sacred space and the client.
  • Please, no children are permitted during any of the sessions.

About Consulting the Akashic Records

Thank you for observing these guidelines. It is imperative that you ask Virginia Earl all your questions during your session. Afterward, she is no longer present in the energy of your personal Akashic Records and can no longer retrieve clarification. All energy is released and closed at the end of your sacred session.

Her services are intended only for individuals with open hearts who are genuinely interested in healing and achieving greater self-knowledge. She looks forward to your scared time together.

Contact Virginia Earl to schedule your Akashic Records consultation. In-person appointments are available to clients in Murrieta and throughout Southern California. Clients worldwide may schedule appointment times for Skype, Zoom and Facebook Messenger.

Session Requirements

The main requirement that I have when you book a session is that you come with an open heart, ready to receive the messages from the Masters and Teachers from the healing energy of Akasha. This will allow your messages to flow much easier within the energy of Akasha once Virginia opens your Akashic Records. After the reading, give yourself some quiet time to meditate upon the meaning of the messages you received and gradually allow for unfoldment. Please refer to, "Preparing for Your Akashic Records Reading" page for session guidelines & information.

To have a good understanding of the reading you will receive, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with what The Akashic Records are all about before booking an appointment. This reading is not like a standard Psychic Reading. The process followed to retrieve information is very different. Please visit The Akashic Records page on the website for more information.

You must be 18 years old and above to make a reservation for an Akashic Records Reading.

— Thank You —

About Virginia Earl

Virginia Earl is a Spiritual Healer who is Certified to use an ancient technique called "The Akashic Records" to identify the "why" behind her clients' roadblocks and to get them unblocked so they can live a life of purpose and clarity.

Her psychic abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Mediumship. She is also a Certified Reiki Master, highly intuitive and can perform readings in English and Spanish for people, animals/pets, buildings, homes, and vacant land, as well as perform home and office energy clearings. To read more about Virginia, please visit the tab labeled "Virginia Earl" on the website.

— Om Mani Padme Hum —

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is the highest, spiritual accessible realm; it is closer to the Divine, closer to God. It is sacred, healing energy that allows you to take an in-depth look at your soul's journey since its inception, personal growth, improving relationships, canceling negative thoughts, releasing ancestral lineage and addictive and harmful, limiting behavioral beliefs and patterns, blockages, whether karmic, emotional, financial, professional, spiritual and/or relationship related, among other things, based on healing messages received from the Masters and Teachers to help you release what no longer serves you and achieve your goals in this lifetime.

The Akashic Records are an Alternative Personal and Interpersonal Healing Modality without prescriptions and medications. To learn more, you may select the "Akashic Records" tab on the website.

— Om Shanti —

The Ideal Client

 "For when the disciple is ready, the Master is ready also." 
Light On The Path, by Mabel Collns (1885)

Not every psychic is for every client, and not every client is for every psychic. Please do not base your decision solely on Virginia's clients' Testimonials. Yes, these mean a lot, but Virginia's clients come to see her with an open heart and ready to receive messages from a higher source, from their Akashic Records. It is important that you are mentally and spiritually in the right place ready, to receive the messages. Her clients always tell her that they know right away they want to see her. They don't doubt... They just know, and these are the best sessions and where the magic happens. It's almost like when you go on a date... you know within seconds whether you feel a heart connection with the other person. This is sort of the same idea. Feel free to browse through Virginia's website and if you feel a connection with her, then let's schedule an appointment for you.

The Ideal Client is one who is open and willing to heal emotionally, to explore her or his past lives and how events and emotions from these past lives are affecting and creating blockages in this lifetime. The Client is ready to learn how to release addictive and negative limiting behavioral beliefs and patterns to be able to live the life she/he deserves.

The Ideal Client believes that there is more than the here and now, that we are all connected energetically through the Universe, through Spirit. It is important that The Client Believes, that he/she feels a connection with the Spiritual World. 

When you schedule a session, it is best for you to be in a neutral place, that your emotions are under control and grounded, if at all possible, and that you feel a connection with Virginia Earl. Sometimes our energy is blocked, and it makes it harder to receive messages, but if you are blocked, this will also show up during your session.

It is also important that you have an open heart and that on the day of your session that you are ready to receive messages from The Masters & Teachers —from Your Akashic Records. There is a reason why Spirit has guided you to Virginia Earl — to Seven Mystic Rings' website. Keep this in mind and trust this guidance. Trust the energy flow and let things unfold on their own.

— We Are One —

The Session

Each Akashic Records Reading, regardless of duration, includes saging for each client, saging of the sacred space and two meditations, aside from answers to your questions and the actual session. All the sessions include past lives, present, and future, unless you specifically request a session dedicated mostly to past lives, for example, "Akashic Records Reading: Past Lifetimes." During any session, sometimes people who have passed away may come through while in the energy of The Akashic Records without Virginia calling upon them. She will share with you whatever messages she receives from people you know who have passed away, as well as describe any images that she sees about your past lives, present, and future.

Please keep in mind that each session can be very draining, so it is important to stay within the time reserved for your appointment. If you book a one-hour session and during the session, you realize you would like more time, it is possible to add additional time, but you will be required to confirm it with payment. Virginia will make every effort to accommodate your extended session when requested.

During your session, please make sure that you ask all your questions as this is when Virginia is in your Akashic Records receiving messages for you from the healing energy of Akasha. If you contact her after your session with further questions and ask for clarification, she will not be able to do this as she is no longer in that energy nor receiving information from the Masters and Teachers. Your Records are closed at the end of your session. Cell phones must be turned off during a session, and no recording is allowed. Thank you!

Creating Your Questions

Take some quiet time for yourself and with a notepad and pen meditate on the questions your heart needs answers to. The Akashic Records are your records. So keep in mind that the questions that can be asked have to pertain to your life path. During an Akashic Records Reading, Virginia can ask questions about you and your relationship with someone else, but she cannot delve into someone else's Records and ask specific questions about their life path as she does not have permission from that other individual to ask questions about them.

When you work on your questions, go within and think what blockages you may be experiencing, whether with relationships, finances, career, emotional, spiritual, business, etc.. Think about anything that is blocking you; anything in your life that is affecting you in a negative way and that you want to change because it no longer serves your life purpose. You can also ask about your past lives. Just anything that you would like answers to.

What is that one thing that is tearing you up inside and blocking you from moving forward and living the life you deserve? What is that one thing that you want in your life? Remember: The Akashic Records is all about healing energy.

How many questions should you ask? Try to balance the type of questions. Ask simple questions and "in-depth" questions. This will help manage the time of your session and avoid going over your reserved time. If all your questions are in-depth, then it is likely that we will go over your reserved time, and you will be required to pay for an extended session. However, the goal is to ensure that your questions are answered and that clarity is reached regarding your life path.

If you reserve an appointment for 30 minutes, you will be able to ask 4 questions. So, in this case, prepare questions that are not "in-depth" questions. Think of something you simply need a quick answer that will not require too much time.

For a one-hour reading, the ideal number of questions is 7. Balance your questions; ask some simple questions and some "in-depth" questions.

For a two-hour reading, you may ask about 7 to 10 questions and also balance your questions; ask some simple questions and some in-depth questions.

Any Akashic Records session may include mediumship questions about anyone you know who has passed away.

An Akashic Records Reading may be energetically draining. So it is important that the duration of each session is on time as much as possible.

Selecting Your Session

The first step is to go through the "Services" page and read about the different types of Akashic Records Readings and services and select one that is best suited for your current needs. You might need a combination of services, for instance, an Akashic Records Reading and Chakra Balancing, Energy Clearing or Meditation.

It has been Virginia's experience that clients who seek clarity and release from any type of deep-rooted, blockages tucked away in their subconscious mind, buried within their soul, that, typically, these are the clients who need more time. Healing takes time. These soul experiences, whether karmic or lineage-related, many times cannot be cleared in an hour. If this is you, Virginia recommends that you select the "Akashic Records Reading: With In-Depth Discussion" or "Akashic Records Reading: 3 Annual Sessions Of Your Choice".

If you have questions that don't fall under the category of "in-depth," then you may just need a 30-minute Akashic Records Reading where you can ask 4 questions. However, if you have "in-depth" questions, Virginia recommends that you reserve either a one-hour or a two-hour Akashic Records Reading with a discussion. You are also welcome to browse the Services page for other services, the types of Akashic Records Readings, Energy Clearing, Meditations, and Special Combination Packages. Gift Certificates are also available.

Your Reservation

It is best to book a session at least 48 hours before the desired date. Please coordinate a date and time for your session directly with Virginia before booking online. You may send her a text message or call her directly at (951) 551-4566.

Once you agree on a date and time for your session, please select "Booking" at the top of the website and confirm your appointment by completing payment at the end of each "Services" page or selecting the "Pay Now" button, unless instructed to do otherwise by Virginia. Further instructions will be emailed to you to help you prepare for your session.

When you receive the email with your instructions, please make sure you read the "Akashic Records Consultation Guidelines," which will be attached in the email. Please read this file before the day of your session. You will also be required to complete a "Consent Form" on the day of your appointment.

What To Bring

Your list of questions, a bottle of water, a notepad and pen, a snack for outdoor reading sessions and an open heart ready to receive sacred messages from the Masters & Teachers. If you book an "Akashic Records Reading: Special Outdoor Location" session, please bring plenty of water and a snack for yourself, as well as a blanket, a cushion or a chair to be comfortable during your session.