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The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is the highest, spiritual accessible realm; it is closer to the Divine, closer to God. It is sacred, healing energy that allows you to take an in-depth look at your soul's journey since its inception, personal growth, improving relationships, canceling negative thoughts, releasing ancestral lineage and addictive and harmful, limiting behavioral beliefs and patterns, blockages, whether karmic, emotional, financial, professional, spiritual and/or relationship related, among other things, based on healing messages received from the Masters and Teachers to help you release what no longer serves you and achieve your goals in this lifetime.

The Akashic Records are an Alternative Personal and Interpersonal Healing Modality without prescriptions and medications. To learn more, you may select the "Akashic Records" tab in the website.

Akashic Records Sessions

Akashic Records Reading: Past, Present, Future

(1 Hour)

This is a standard one-hour long session during which we explore your past lives, present, and future.
(Available in-person, via Skype, Facebook Messenger or phone.)

Akashic Records Reading: Past Lifetimes

(1 Hour)

During this one-hour reading of your Akashic Records, we will ask the Masters and Teachers questions that focus on your past lifetime(s).
(Available in-person, via Skype, Facebook Messenger or phone.)

Akashic Records Reading: With In-Depth Discussion

(2 Hours)

This session includes a one-hour Akashic Records Reading followed by an additional hour where you have the opportunity to discuss further the messages you received during your actual reading. We may schedule your Akashic Records Reading at my office or at a particular outdoor location of your choice. Please see "Akashic Records Reading: Special Outdoor Location".
(Available in-person, via Skype, Facebook Messenger or phone.)

Akashic Records Reading: Bring-A-Friend

Ideal for singles & couples

(1 Hour)

This session is the same as the standard Akashic Records Reading: Past, Present, and Future, except that each client receives a discount. When you "Bring-A-Friend" you and your friend will receive a $20 discount when you both book and pre-pay for a session on the same day. You will each receive a full, one-hour reading. This session is ideal for couples and friends spending a day together and supporting each other. Please keep in mind that each session is private and performed individually as Akashic Records in Temecula are accessed separately through a sacred prayer. This means that only one of you will be in session at a time. There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores to shop in Old Town Temecula where you can spend an hour while I am in session with your friend. I will let you know when I am ready for your session, should you choose to stroll around Old Town or wait in the small reception area by the elevator.
(Available in-person only)

Akashic Records Reading: Waxing Moon & Full Moon

Ideal for Singles & Couples

(1 Hour)

Let's open your Akashic Records under the magic of a full moon and bask ourselves in its energy. A full moon's energy can increase your positive energy but you must be in a calm state of mind to receive these benefits. You may choose your reading to be held on the day/night before the full moon, while it is still waxing —increasing its luminous splendor— or on the following day when it is at its brightest splendor. It is recommended that you reserve your space in advance for your reading the day/night before the full moon or on the day/night of the full moon. A Waxing and Full Moon session is available in combination with an "Akashic Records Reading: Past, Present & Future"; "Akashic Records Reading: Past Lifetimes"; "Akashic Records Reading: With Discussion"; or "Akashic Records Reading: Bring-A-Friend ." Nighttime readings are available. Only one reading will be open at night on the night before the full moon and on the night of the full moon. Location to be determined.

Akashic Records Reading: Special Outdoor Location

(Exclusive Service for Local Southern California Residents Only)

Ideal for Singles & Couples

(2 Hours)

This is a unique, magical session to bask yourself in healing energy in a particular location of your choice. We will meet at my office and discuss your selected outdoor location. Your one-hour Akashic Records Reading will also include saging and two meditations. The place you choose must be safe and within proximity to Murrieta/Temecula for your "Akashic Records Reading: Past, Present & Future," "Akashic Records Reading: With Discussion" or "Akashic Records Reading: Past Lifetimes" reading. This is an ideal, exclusive service available to single clients as well as couples.

If this is your first Akashic Records Reading, make it magical and memorable. Take your time to pick a location that is serene and special to your heart.

Make your day extra special by scheduling a reading for you and your significant other. Together you can select a location that is special to both of you. Each reading will last an hour and be held separately at the site of your choice.

Here are some suggested locations for your Akashic Records Reading: a favorite park, your favorite beach spot, Santa Rosa Plateau, an area with a vineyard view, a lake view, or somewhere with a mountain view.

This is an exclusive service specifically designed only for local Southern California residents living in the vicinity of Murrieta, Temecula, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Wildomar. Other nearby cities may be considered, depending upon location and distance.

Scheduling of an outdoor location may rely on weather conditions. For couples readings, please keep in mind you will need about 4 hours total for both sessions. (Round trip mileage will be added to the cost of the session.)


Akashic Records: Mini-Reading

(30 Minutes)

This reading is designed to ask up to four questions, and it is not an in-depth session. This service can be requested for readings of people, pets, buildings, homes or vacant lots. It is an economical alternative for quick questions that do not require an in-depth session.
(Available in-person, via Skype, Facebook Messenger or phone.)

Akashic Records Reading: Buildings, Homes, Vacant Land

(1 Hour+)

This reading is available to explore any concerns you may have regarding a building, your home, and vacant land. This session may be performed before or after you move in or build a new home or building. (Round trip mileage will be added to the cost of the session.)
(Available only at the location of the building, house, or vacant land.)

Akashic Records Reading: Pets

(1 Hour)
This reading is specifically designed to focus on any concerns you may have regarding your pet or any other animal you might be interested in learning more about. (Available in person only.)


This service is bundled in with any Akashic Records Reading. Any Akashic Records session may include mediumship questions about anyone you know who has passed away.

Pendulum Dowsing

This service offers you the ability to ask three yes or no questions. An economical alternative when seeking short and quick answers. (Available in-person, via Skype or Facebook Messenger.)

Payment Details

If you have a phone or Skype™ appointment, please complete your payment and Consent Form as soon as you book your consultation. The Consent Form will be emailed to you.

The fee for a standard one-hour session is $150. If your session exceeds one hour, an additional $100 will be charged for an additional 60 minutes. Please note, you may select the two-hour Akashic Records Reading With Discussion for $250 if you feel you would like to focus on in-depth issues.

There is also a no-show policy. You must cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours in advance, or you will be charged 50% of the fee. 

For your added convenience, you may send your payment via PayPal™ by selecting "Reading Type" and "Buy Now" below or call 951-551- 4566 with a major credit card before your scheduled appointment.

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