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Akashic Reading Session Guidelines

Preparing For Your Akashic Records Consultation in Temecula, CA

Seven Mystic Rings invites clients to receive an Akashic Records consultation. In Temecula, CA, Virginia Earl gives readings in person or via Skype and Facebook Messenger to clients worldwide. Known by many names to the various cultures of the ancient world, the Akashic Records can be understood as the complete record of every soul’s past, present, and future.

By accessing the Akashic Records, you receive a healing energy and a greater self-awareness. These allow you to overcome psychological obstacles and traumas to attain positive growth and improvement.

Akashic Records Consultation in Temecula, CA

Akashic Records Consultation Guidelines 

In order to receive the mystic properties that these readings allow, interested persons are asked to follow several guidelines. These guidelines ensure that clients get the most out of their experience.

  • Please call or text Virginia directly at (951) 551-4566 to confirm availability. Once she verifies her schedule, you may reserve your appointment through the website’s Book Now feature.

  •  Once your appointment is scheduled and payment confirmed, you will receive a Consultation Consent Form via email. Please fully and legibly fill out the form and email it back to Virginia.

  • Please write a concise list of questions about your life that you would like to receive information about during your session. There is no need to send Virginia these questions before your session.

  •  Bring pen and paper to take notes about the information you receive during your session.

  • Do not use recreational drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment; prescribed medications are acceptable.

  •  Allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information, and be sure to drink plenty of water afterward as well.

  •  Come to your session with an open heart and mind. To experience the beautiful clearing energy of Akasha, you must be open and receptive to its messages.

About Consulting the Akashic Records

Thank you for observing these guidelines. Ask Virginia how you can access your Akashic Records during your session if you are interested. Also, it is imperative that you ask her all questions during your session. Afterwards, she is no longer present in the energy of your personal record and can no longer retrieve clarification. All energy is released and closed at the end of your sacred session.

Her services are intended only for individuals with open hearts who are genuinely interested in healing and achieving greater self-knowledge. She looks forward to your scared time together.

Contact  Virginia Earl to schedule your Akashic Records consultation. In-person appointments are available to clients in Temecula and throughout Southern California. Clients worldwide may schedule appointment times for Skype and Facebook Messenger.